Medical Camp - 2010

Place : BET Sadathunnisa college, Bismillah nagar, Bangalore
Time : 11:00am to 2:00 pm
Date : February 28th 2010,

Sunday Medical camp was successfull by the grace of allah. We had volunteers and 3 doctors for the medical camp.
        About Us

Mohammed Shafiulla is working with Infosys technologies and part of social consciousness initiative group. He was a community service club co-ordinator during his tenure in Hewlett Packard since the group started.HP Community service group helps people in various ways by providing support towards education. He has actively participated in almost all the programmes during HP days.

Wiserfriend has evolved various innovative ways to initiate and to promote voluntary action in slum areas,on Education, Health, Women Empowerment Environment...

Wiserfriend has an objective to provide effective assistance to weaker sections of society in various ways by  developing their economic skills,motivating them in getting their right place in the society mainly in terms of education.

Our Mission   Our Vision
Mission of the organisation is to make a contribution to poor and under privileged people of India by providing them education and basic healthcare facilities.

Proud be an Indian and help India with people to get facility for their education in possible ways for minorities/needy people.

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